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Among Fallen Leaves

Cast iron, organic materials; Wrocław, Poland; 2020

A tendency to watch my feet paired with long hours spent in the forest behind my parent’s house grew into a lifelong exploration of the ground below. Among Fallen Leaves examines the psychological concept of place attachment, as well as small details which are often overlooked within nature.

Organic materials were collected from Park Szczytnicki in Wrocław, Poland as it is similar to the forest from my childhood. Some were cast into iron, forever memorializing the ephemeral materials, fossilizing them.

The castings are camouflaged within organic debris which blanket the space, containing the uncontainable vastness of the forest floor. Viewers become part of the piece by walking through, awakening both their senses and their childhood wonder.

Among Fallen Leaves: Text
Among Fallen Leaves: Pro Gallery
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