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Młoda Rzeźba 2022// Young Sculptors 2022

Curated exhibition promoting bright graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts. Eugeniusz Geppert in Wrocław.

Here I reimagined my diploma work, Among Fallen Leaves to be more visible within the foliage of the created forest floor. It is more sparse and curated. As this iteration is impossible for viewers to interact directly it had to shift.

This is the first time my Iron & Ice prints; as well as my Ground Bits are being shown. One was critical in creating the other, linking them forever.

With this exhibition opportunity I have chosen to show my earlier castings from the beginning of my MFA journey through to my final diploma casts. They may appear similar in style but the process of creating changed drastically over my time in grad school. This project and everything that lead up to it shaped my art practice and helped me grow in my abilities and knowledge of iron as a material.

On display summer/fall of 2022.

Młoda Rzeźba 2022: Text
Młoda Rzeźba 2022: Pro Gallery
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