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ONE BEER: Home by Midnight

Duel exhibition with Joshua Strydom; Memphis, TN; 2017

These works are from a collaborative show created to discuss the impact living in Prague, CZ had on Josh and I's lives. Usually our evenings began with the humble, "one beer and we're home by midnight." idea that was rarely, if ever followed.

Walking the city became a daily meditation on the objects and textures below me; the different sidewalk grates (gas, water, manhole covers) caught my eye. This is where my original "rogue mold making" began as I built my own silicone-caulking-mold-making-kit for my backpack and usually carried it with me. Upon my return to Memphis I cast the grates I had copied and created replicas of the sidewalks I missed from Žižkov. They were filled with weeds from my yard in Memphis, connecting the streets of Prague to my current location at the time. 

Below are some images of my work. The Prague Street Series pieces I plan to revise and re-photograph in the future. stand by.

Josh's work from this show and much more can be found on his Instagram.

ONE BEER: Home By Midnight: Text
ONE BEER: Home By Midnight: Pro Gallery
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