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Ground Bits// Iron & Ice

Cast iron or cast glass, organic materials; Wrocław, Poland; 2018-2021// Paper, ice, organic materials, Ground Bits, time; Wrocław, Poland; 2020

A series of castings straight from the ground. Each new iteration deepened my knowledge of materiality, mold making and my practice.
Either cast directly from important ground-locations or curated in-studio from materials sourced from such locations; they become fossilized. They are complete fantasy as the exact design will never again exist in the natural world after I disrupted the organic composition.
During the lockdown of 2020 I had no access to a studio space. I created these with old castings and organic materials from my flat. Each print took about a week from start to finish. I collaborated with the materials by freezing blocks of ice full of organic materials to hang over trays with castings set on paper, leaving them to make their own marks uncontrolled by me.

Ground Bits // Iron & Ice: Text
Ground Bits // Iron & Ice: Pro Gallery
Ground Bits // Iron & Ice: Pro Gallery
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